I am currently studying for a CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing, a course all the PR team at Market Engineering complete. Some might ask why, as communications agency, we undertake a marketing course rather than PR training, the answer to this lies in the role of Public Relations in brand positioning. The automotive and motorsport industries have long been at the forefront of brand development as they have a clear understanding of the marketing mix’s role in brand identity. As these two industries are our key sectors, it is important that the team is equipped with the knowledge that enables Market Engineering to provide strategic communications that enhance our clients’ marketing programmes.

By the end of the year long course, we each have a comprehensive understanding of the full marketing mix and how our strategic communications fit into the marketing plan to help deliver clients’ business objectives. As a PR team, we are able to see the bigger picture and ask the difficult questions that determine exactly what a business requires from PR rather than what it wants. While a client may desire to appear in a certain publication, we want to know how coverage in that outlet reaches their target market, what action they want readers to take after reading an article and how this all links back to the current business objectives. By asking these open –ended questions and truly delving into what the business is setting out to achieve we can provide PR activities and strategic advice that ensures all activities are fully integrated and targeted to deliver the business goals.

By covering topics outside of the PR discipline, such as Customer Experience, we are also able to advise clients on the areas which may need to be improved in order to convert coverage into leads. For example if we publicise the launch of a new support programme, what information will potential customers find on the website? Are they able to request further information or access the support online? it’s imperative to ensure that the customer’s journey is made simple and informative.  After all, the ultimate goal of all marketing activities, including PR, is to increase the likelihood and value of a purchase and all touch points thereafter must provide the support and ease of transaction the customer is looking for.