Market Engineering has a proven understanding of the communications requirements of car manufacturers that craft premium vehicles in restricted volumes. We have been working with Alpina BMW UK for a number of years, handling it’s communications, media relations and press driving programme. Our initial brief from Alpina was to propose, plan and develop a communications campaign that would increase understanding of the reasons why its cars were special, raise itsprofile as a result and improve residual values.


We have also previously worked with Ferrari, Aston Martin and Porsche and our success in the arena of prestigious low-volume and bespoke cars comes from having the experience and sector insight required to produce engaging, compelling messaging and materials that are wholly accurate and capture the unique essence of the vehicles. We then share this with media using not only a traditional press release approach but also direct contact with individual outlets and journalists to understand exactly what they need to be able to tell your story in the most appropriate and rewarding way. If the journalist is receiving a car for test, our preferred delivery method is to drive it to them ourselves, to ensure that we are able to appreciate any observations they might make or questions they may have. (OK – we admit that it’s also because we are enthusiastic appreciators of finely-honed cars, through and through!)