Behind the glamorous facade, the real financial engine of motorsport operates in a fiercely competitive market to attract serious investors and diversify its product innovations and expertise into other industries.

A logical area of diversification for motorsport companies is the automotive sector, where Market Engineering has over 25 years experience. Despite what appear to be some obvious similarities however, the two industries operate in very different ways and making this leap is often far more challenging than many motorsport organisations are prepared for.

The Challenge

In the wider global automotive market, just being involved in motorsport is not enough. Differentiating a business therefore means essentially separating it from what many might consider to be its most obvious strength. A company must develop a communications strategy that demonstrates a clear understanding of its target industry’s needs. This means listening as well as talking.

Competition represents another extremely significant challenge. In the fight to survive by diversification, motorsport companies are competing not only with one another but also against existing and very well established automotive consultancies in the target industry. Gaining a competitive advantage here requires a sophisticated communications strategy developed with an understanding of both the transferable advantages of their native industry and the needs of the target industry.

Our Advantage

To make progress, motorsport companies need a communications partner that deeply understands the technical significance of the innovations that competition at the highest level brings. More than that however, they also need the knowledge and expertise to package this into a set of compelling yet credible messages designed to travel further than their niche industry.

Combining a number of high profile motorsport clients such as Prodrive, Zytek and Millers Oils with our 25-year track record in Tier 1 & 2 automotive technology supply, we have proven expertise in both areas.

This enables us to develop communication strategies that build your professional brand reputation, share your innovations with the wider automotive market and drive profitable, secure growth.