When Market Engineering was launched, there were a number of European and US agencies providing a complete package of highly professional communications services and advice for the IT, pharmaceutical and other high-technology sectors. At the time, automotive technology was not seen as ‘high-tech’ and no major agency existed to promote it. Having headed the writing and then the PR operations at a major, full-service agency in the IT industry, Market Engineering’s founder determined to bring a similar breadth and depth of expertise to this overlooked yet critical (and fascinating) industry sector.

Today, the range of long-term client relationships, with businesses of every size and type, confirms the success of this ambition. From its ability to accelerate venture-funded start-ups looking for the next round of investment, to diverse global businesses needing the complete spectrum of communications activities, from solid technical PR to complex corporate communications, Market Engineering has established a global reputation. With many client relationships now reaching beyond two decades, it has created a valuable niche in which it remains the leading specialist.

What do we do?

We offer every external communications activity required by any company supplying products or services within the automotive technology sector. If your business sells anything from Intellectual Property advice to fuel cells, OE or Aftermarket, we can help make you successful.

At the heart of our activity is good, solid technical communications: understanding the technology, the innovation, the points of differentiation, asking the questions that reveal how your system can be positioned to maximise value for your business and for your customers.

Overlaying that is our range of other PR services, from investor communications to the management of complex communications around issues such as footprint changes and pay negotiations. And we understand that every audience can see everything, so all stakeholders must be considered in every communication.

Then there are the complementary techniques whose effectiveness is greatly enhanced not only by the creative approach that other agencies offer, but especially by the deep understanding of the sector that Market Engineering brings: advertising, newsletters, online and much more. Because we are marketing-focussed, we can help ensure that the entire ‘funnel’ is strong to maximise your return on communications investment, from engaging interest, the call to action, fulfilment and nurturing engagement with identified groups of influencers.

If you read any of the key European and global automotive industry publications, you will be reading about Market Engineering clients. If you would like your company to be there, call us on +44 (0) 1295 277050 to discuss your objectives.