There are many different ways in which to use social media. You can broadcast your every thought and idea out into the online world, you can use it to privately message family and friends; you may use it to keep tabs on your favorite celebrities and sports teams or to keep up to date with the latest news. Social media has no rules; you are able to engage and be as active or passive as you wish. For businesses, social media is essential to not only promote your products, but strengthen brand messaging by encouraging users to review products on their pages to increase your company’s reach and customer engagements.

There was no shortage of emerging trends last year with platforms offering more features and opportunities for users and businesses. As 2017 kicks into gear we have already seen changes taking place with the official closure of Vine, and Instagram waging war with Snapchat. Brands are experiencing growing challenges with Social Media and as organic reach declines and platforms becomes the go to source for news, information on products and reviews. It is impossible to predict how the social media landscape will develop in 2017, but there are a few trends on the rise all marketers should be aware of.

Social Discovery

  Paper Plane

Learn how your audience searches in order to lead them to your content. Previous generations use search engines to find websites and social platforms, whereas millennials are starting to skip search engines and instead trust social media to search for content or information.

To boost credibility on social platforms, make it easy for users to discover customer reviews, especially if you have any reviews by influencers to showcase the customer experience of your company.

Consider how you distribute your news. Is it something that could be exclusively shared on social media via FB Live Video, Twitter Chats, Instagram Stories, etc?

Social Commerce

Piggy Bank

was one of the biggest areas of growth last year, with the addition of Facebook Marketplace and Instagram trialing a new way to shop, “Tap to View” meaning it has never been easier to draw revenue from social media.


Fear is the path to the Dark Side


A whopping 82% of content shared on smart phones is done through Dark Social (when content is being shared through channels web analytics cannot measure, such as private chats or email)

There are ways to combat this!

TIME uses email share icons to monitor the number of clicks

Burger King developed their own emoji keyboard to track dark social mentions

Using a copy to clipboard so the number of copies can be tracked through UTM Codes


Social Video

 Social Media Video

Video is dominating social media. The expansion of live video features in Facebook and Twitter makes it easier than ever to share videos instantly across platforms. Marketers have started to prioritise social video platforms like Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter over the more traditional video sharing sites like Vevo and YouTube.

So how do you get your videos noticed on your audiences newsfeed?

  • Keep them short, preferably under 30 seconds.
  • Low res to help with buffering for those suffering with bad internet connections
  • Captions are your friend – Keep in mind most users will watch with the sound turned off, so focus on a single message that can be understood without audio.