With Automotive Specialisation

Many companies spend a great deal on Government Relations, but what value does it generate? We believe in setting agreed, realistic objectives that create value for the business. These may include:

  • Funding for R&D, industrialisation and manufacturing innovation
  • Participation in major programmes for Mobility on Demand, Connected Car, Autonomous Vehicles and Electric Vehicles
  • Influencing the ‘glide path’ through electrification to zero (local) emissions
  • Influencing areas of Brexit that are critical but less understood such as customs procedures and rules of origin
  • Greatly reducing the reputational damage of reductions in employment and footprint
  • Or simply to have a senior minister open a new facility and provide positive quotes for staff, investors and press

Companies of all sizes often overlook substantial opportunities, simply because they do not understand what they are or how to deliver them. Market Engineering is well-connected and understands how this area of Government works, allowing us to help you make it happen.