Direct engagement is one of the most effective ways to showcase your product, technology or service. Explaining the competitive advantage and positive points of differentiation that you offer is always impressive face-to-face: not only are you certain that your messaging is being delivered in absolutely the way that you want it to be, but you also have the opportunity for immediate response to questions and further expansion of the conversation.

An experiential event where target journalists and other key opinion formers and even potential customers can not only fully understand but also see your product in action and try it for themselves is stronger still. Market Engineering has decades of experience in visualising, planning and executing events that bring companies and media together in a professional, inclusive way.

Our strategic approach focuses firstly on what clients want to achieve with the event; once this is established and verified we scope out and budget the best options and present them for discussion of concept and approval to proceed. After that it’s plan, plan and plan again, dovetailing with invitations to agreed target attendees and preparation of presentation materials and information for guests to take away. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a conference room in a hotel venue or a 20-attendee per day event at a test facility, what matters is getting it right from beginning to (successful) end and Market Engineering is there to ensure that happens. Just as you want it to.


Launching the UK Automotive Council’s Automotive Technology Roadmap for the Advanced Propulsion Centre

The Automotive Council’s new Automotive Technology Roadmap, published by the APC, stimulated a lot of debate during editing, leading to an excellent document that combines the expertise of 139 different specialists. The launch brought 15 European B2B automotive industry journalists together for a series of presentations from five Market Engineering clients and other UK organisations, presenting a fascinating perspective on innovation. This video is a 90 second round-up of how it all went.