One of the key physical touch points of your brand is the printed marketing collateral you use to support your sales and marketing strategies. They must be concise, targeted and perfectly branded.

We have commissioned, researched, written, designed and delivered hundreds of these marketing collateral pieces for use by our customers in Europe, Asia and the Americas. They have been used in one-to-one meetings with purchasing heads at Audi, BMW, GM and Daimler; at motor shows in Paris, Frankfurt, Tokyo and Detroit; and as online downloads in more than five languages.

With our skills in brand strategy, message development, copywriting and design we are expertly placed to manage this entire process for your business.

Digital Collateral

Online provides a new world of opportunity. By starting with the business objective, we work back to ensure that every stage in the engagement process is optimised, from the call to action to the nurturing of interest that will lead to an enquiry. Digital presents new opportunities to link activities, to extract more value from press coverage, from blogs and other online activities. At Market Engineering, we break-down silos to deliver more from less.

We pull together all your relevant brochures, news releases and photography into a single mini-site that you can share online, on disk or via a branded flash drive give-away. The concept allows you to distribute important product, sales and media information in an efficient, flexible and relatively inexpensive manner.

Presentation Content and Design

When conveying your message to customers, investors and employees a clear vision, a concise message and exceptional presentation materials are essential.

We can help you to develop the key strategic messaging to fit the topic, product or audience and use this to build content. We also have the design expertise to take your concepts from rough white board sketches to creative, polished and self explanatory presentation slides.

The most important part of any presentation is the central message script running through it. Supported by creative explanatory visuals it optimises this compelling sales tool.

To share this benefit across your organisation, we also have experience of setting up and managing complete computer presentation systems. These multilayered libraries of prepared and approved material give consistency to your message and have been successfully used by sales teams in more than ten countries.