What is a brand worth? At the most basic level it is the extra amount that a customer will pay for your product or service because of the reassurance and value that your company name adds. It’s the difference between “thanks for the information” and “can you wrap that for me”.

It turns good companies into great ones at every level and in every industry. It’s also one of the vaguest and most overused terms in business. We prefer to talk in terms of actions and deliverables. Formulating a brand strategy is firstly an empirical analysis task. Working with your team we analyse the market you’re in, the competition you face and the audience you need to reach. We look for trends and ways to segment them that give opportunities not available to a one-size-fits-all approach.

Then we look at what you’re selling. What is unique about the physical product or offered service and how is it perceived by the customer? Can it be better positioned for more people to appreciate its benefits?

Finally, with the objective clarified and in sight we drill down to a brand vision, literally a statement of where you want to be, and set out strategic actions to get there.