20140904_153804On Thursday I left the sleepy Cotswolds and drove 70 miles down the M40 to Syon Park near Richmond to have a look at Salon Privé, an event that I had heard a lot about, but never experienced first-hand. With tickets priced at nearly £400 for the day I expected great things. The first thing I experienced was being directed to park in the middle of a grassy field – so far, so disappointing. Once I had checked the sky to see what chance my correct-wheel drive car had of exiting the car-park three hours later, I decided to take the risk and head into the grounds to inspect some motor cars.

The first vehicle that caught my eye was a Kermit-green (perhaps not the official name of the colour) La Ferrari. It was parked on a bright red carpet and the whole scene made me glad I had remembered my sunglasses, despite the gloomy sky. The car, it turned out, belongs to Jay Kay of Jamiroquai fame. It’s not to my taste, but you have got to admire a man who buys a £1m car in bright green.

20140904_154421Moving on from this rather shocking scene I came across the absolutely stunning Morgan SP1, which had the most beautiful interior I have ever seen. The craftsmanship skills of the team at Malvern were clearly on display in this unique vehicle. Bespoke cars are something we understand well at Market Engineering and the work on the Morgan is as good as anything I have seen.

The problem with events like Salon Privé is that you can become a bit ‘snow-blind’, such is the quality of the vehicles on display I nearly missed a Jaguar XKSS among the D Types. I could list all the amazing, unique and invaluable cars that graced the lawn but Classic Driver has done a much better job, so I would point you in the direction of that website.

As a collection of cars it was as good as I have ever seen, if a little random. Any event that includes three La Ferraris, a McLaren P1, a Mercedes 300SL, a Lamborghini Countach, four Ferrari F40s and a Brough Superior SS100 is clearly a bit special. It is certainly something we will look at for our clients in 2015, it’s just a shame about the parking.