• Huge transatlantic lawn and landscaping industry interest in Nexcel technology at SALTEX and GIE inspires planned roll-out of 2020 field pilots
  • Oil management system offers efficiency and environmental benefits, promoting rigorous servicing in reduced time and enhanced used oil re-refinement
  • Modular Nexcel technology enables spill-free 90-second oil changes for small commercial engine market

Following a very positive reception to the unveiling of demonstrator mowers to showcase the Nexcel oil management system at SALTEX 2019 and GIE, the company has announced that it will be undertaking field pilots in 2020. Nexcel, part of the BP innovation division, which debuted its novel technology at the US show before attracting a high level of attention at the UK’s NEC, is able to provide lawn and landscaping businesses with significant efficiency and environmental benefits. Through the use of a sealed oil cell containing oil and filter, it promotes efficient collection and reuse of used engine oil and can offer a huge maintenance time advantage.

“We are delighted by the positive comments received at both SALTEX and GIE, and that our novel technology is able to directly address the separate concerns expressed from within the two markets,” says Ben Russell, Nexcel commercial director. “Following our show attendance, it is clear that the challenges facing US and European lawn and landscaping operators vary in focus. Top priorities are ensuring service scheduling is adhered to, preventative maintenance and the environmental benefits of promoting high yield used oil re-refinement. The message that we took away from the shows is very much that Nexcel can help save time and the planet!”

Nexcel received a high level of interest in the dual efficiency benefits that can be brought through small commercial engine utilisation of its technology. Precise control of oil levels can extend the oil drain interval of engines working in an incredibly strenuous environment for long periods of time. Secondly, according to market research carried out by Nexcel in North America, operators take on average from 20 to 30 minutes to carry out each oil drain service: a Nexcel oil and filter change can take only 90 seconds and through use of a sealed oil cell eliminates the risk of spillage and the need to drain.

“Nexcel efficiency benefits are not only about reduced service time, however enticing the lack of clean-up requirement may be,” continues Russell. “Freeing-up maintenance man hours is only one aspect. Our oil management system can ensure servicing is carried out rigorously, minimising the risk of unexpected machine downtime caused by premature part failure that’s been accelerated by poor servicing: a concern that emerged from large-scale lawn care companies that we have spoken to who operate a high proportion of leased mowing equipment.”

Two demonstrator mowers were showcased at the events, demonstrating the relative simplicity of the Nexcel system in conjunction with current machines and providing an easy-to-understand representation of how the technology can be harnessed by small commercial engine and chassis manufacturers. They also provided visual clarity of how Nexcel can help promote efficient re-refinement of used oils.

“Consistent quality of used oil is currently the biggest hurdle for more efficient re-refinement, but widespread adoption of Nexcel would provide the clear segregation required for the production of high quality base oils with increased yield,” concludes Russell. “This aspect of Nexcel, and the potential to reduce the reliance on natural resources, was particularly well received at the events and has provided further encouragement ahead of field pilots scheduled for 2020.”

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NEXCEL Background Information

NEXCEL automotive application is a self-contained, sealed cell that contains the correct grade of oil and specification of filter. Designed for flexible installation anywhere in an engine bay via a docking station. An electric pump controls the flow of oil between the engine sump and the remote cell and an oil analysis capability can be integrated.

Containing the oil within a sealed cell also makes recycling of used oil a much more practical option because it eliminates contamination by other fluids during the drain and recovery operation. Nexcel units remain sealed up to the point of re-refining, allowing the oil to be returned to its original specification. Changing the cell takes just 90 seconds. For garages, the benefits also include the elimination of spills and greatly simplified oil recovery. Nexcel’s circular ecosystem could help to eliminate some of the one third of drained engine oil (worldwide) that currently disappears into the environment.