• 20kW electric motor to provide power and efficiency benefits for downsized internal combustion engines
  • New headquarters to enable further technology development and product range expansion
  • MAHLE Powertrain early adopter of Aeristech eSupercharger technology for development of high-power density 1.2-litre, 3-cylinder advanced downsizing demonstrator vehicle

Northampton, 8th January 2020 – MAHLE Powertrain has helped to launch an innovative new 20kW electric motor at the opening of a new Warwick, UK headquarters for Aeristech, the developer of the world’s most power dense and efficient high-speed electric motors. As an early adopter of Aeristech technology, MAHLE was invited to take part in the launch of the company’s most powerful compressor, which provides greater torque density than any same-rated rival technology, reduced size for enhanced modularity and a significant increase in continuous power rating.

The applications for Aeristech’s new 20kW motor include traditional internal combustion and fuel cell passenger and commercial vehicles with stacks of up to and over 100kW, industrial, aerospace and marine. The company’s existing technology has been utilised by MAHLE for use within the powertrain of its advanced downsizing demonstrator vehicle. Its Volkswagen Golf features 48V architecture and a 1.2-litre, 3-cylinder gasoline engine producing 193kW. This is achieved through the use of an Aeristech eSupercharger, which provides increased airflow alongside a traditional, larger turbocharger. 315Nm torque is produced from only 1500rpm, matching the performance of the original 2-litre turbocharged gasoline engine while offering a 25% reduction in emissions.

“Investment in our new, improved headquarters is a demonstration of Aeristech’s commitment to developing and expanding our range of emissions-reducing technologies for the internal combustion engine,” says Richard Wall, Aeristech CEO. “We are hugely grateful to MAHLE Powertrain for the support it has provided both in showcasing our technology and helping with this exciting launch of our next generation 20kW motor.”

The 20kW motor is the latest additional to Aeristech’s range of permanent magnet variable speed electric units, which are able to accelerate to rotational speeds of over 160,000 rpm in under a second. The technology has been a vital enabler for its range of air compressors, which provide both performance and economy benefits, high power density, low noise and vibrations, and compact and lightweight structure. The 20kW motor provides maximum mass flow of 150gs-1 and a peak pressure ratio of 3.2 at 130gs-1.

“We are delighted to assist Aeristech with the opening of its new facility and unveiling of its latest 20kW electric motor; as long-standing technology partners we have first-hand experience of the benefits its eSupercharger technology can bring and we look forward to working on exciting future projects together,” states Simon Reader, MAHLE director of engineering services. “Aeristech’s eSupercharger is a key enabler for the extraordinary results achieved by our advanced downsizing demonstrator vehicle and we are sure that the new 20kW motor will help future projects to once again achieve or surpass expectations.”


About MAHLE Powertrain

MAHLE Powertrain is a wholly owned subsidiary of the MAHLE Group – a leading international development partner in the areas of engine systems, filtration, mechatronics and thermal management. The group employs around 78,000 people and is represented in more than 30 countries with 170 production locations and 16 major R&D centres. MAHLE ranks among the top three automotive systems suppliers worldwide.

MAHLE Powertrain specialises in the design, development and integration of advanced internal combustion engines and electrified powertrain systems. As recognised experts in these fields, MAHLE Powertrain is engaged in the extensive research, development and application of new traditional and advanced drivelines into cost-effective, production feasible solutions for enhanced efficiency, improved fuel economy and lower emissions.

With eight technical centres strategically located in the UK, Germany, USA, China and Brazil, MAHLE Powertrain is well positioned to deliver innovative solutions around the globe. MAHLE Powertrain has around 450 employees worldwide.


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