• Grainger & Worrall receives a Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation in 2020
  • Coveted award recognises the pioneering progress made by the company in developing “Next Generation” castings
  • Third Queen’s Award for the Bridgnorth-based business Grainger & Worrall

Castings specialist, Grainger & Worrall has been recognised for its pioneering “Next Generation” castings work with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation in 2020.

The Award acknowledges GW utilising its expertise and technology in casting design & simulation, materials development, digital sand printing and dimensional & integrity validation to deliver the best castings service in the world.

Matthew Grainger, CEO, Grainger & Worrall, said: “We are exceptionally  pleased to be recognised by the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, especially as it is the third time we have received such an award and underlines our ongoing commitment to be a global leader within our industry.

“The progress we have made towards establishing Next Generation castings has very much been a team effort, and the Award comes as a welcome bright spot of good news when so many of us have had our lives and work disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. We look forward to an opportunity, hopefully later in the year, when we are all in a better position to celebrate this achievement.”

Grainger & Worrall has developed Next Generation castings in response to the challenges faced by the global transport industry in terms of reducing emissions and fuel consumption. “The automotive market is moving towards ever more complex and structurally sound castings,” says Grainger. “This is particularly the case in high performance aluminium alloys, and our knowledge and experience combined with our state-of-the-art facilities means we have been able to develop the next generation of aluminium and non-ferrous castings. By blending digital manufacturing and 3D sand printing with our design and materials experience, we are enabling customers to design, produce and validate complex components within a compressed timescale.”

Grainger concludes “Our Next Generation innovations deliver real benefits for component suppliers in reduced cost, improved efficiency and rapid turnaround. We look forward to working with the industry to maximise these benefits when current restrictions are lifted.”


About Grainger & Worrall

Grainger & Worrall is at the global forefront of castings development and innovation, with close to 75 years of experience in the sector. Based in Bridgnorth at purpose-built facilities, the company works closely with original equipment manufacturers to develop lightweight yet strong components for the automotive, marine, heavy-duty and off-road sectors. Additionally, it is playing a significant role in improving the performance and efficiency of race cars in a number of the world’s top motorsport series.

Grainger & Worrall’s services encompass up-front engineering, precision machining and consultancy which is backed by real science, right from the very early stages of the supply and development chain. By making its own tooling and embracing cutting edge rapid prototyping technologies, Grainger & Worrall can take a customer’s component concept through development and verification to production with remarkably short lead and response times. Grainger & Worrall received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation in 2020.

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