New Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) accreditation demonstrates robust customs compliance and supply chain security standards that are critical in a changing global regulatory environment. 

Enhances speed and predictability of logistics as global automotive supply chain faces increased political uncertainty.

Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) facilitate access to Far East and North American markets, supporting Evolution Time Critical’s continued growth in these regions.


Manchester, UK, 29th April 2019: Emergency logistics provider Evolution Time Critical has further extended its capability to provide rapid and predicable logistics in a global automotive supply chain facing increasing political uncertainty. Acquiring internationally recognised accreditations such as Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status provides business-wide opportunities, mitigating against politically derived customs disruption in Europe, while also providing opportunities in other markets.

“It is important not just to have the highest level of global accreditations, but to thoroughly understand how to use the freedoms they provide,” comments Graham Little, managing director of Evolution Time Critical. “For example, with our new AEO accreditation, one of the key benefits is being able to use the Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) to broaden and simplify access to areas critical to automotive manufacturing such as North America and the Far East.”

Japan, China and the United States provide mutual recognition of AEOs through the World Customs Organisation SAFE Framework. “We’ve long established expertise in these regions supported by world-class systems and processes, but AEO status provides additional depth and further complements our existing toolbox and expertise in optimising shipments,” Little continues.

In Europe, Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status provides eligibility for simplified customs procedures, and a lower risk score which reduces the frequency of physical and documentary checks, enhancing both the speed and predictability of shipments. “We’re already certified to handle unstable and hazardous freight, such as that found in the battery supply chain, but AEO status will further streamline our offering to clients who expect their automotive consignments to travel compliantly, with the minimum of delay, in a safe and secure environment. The accreditation underlines the standards of security, integrity, planning and communication that have been a cornerstone of the Evolution offering for two decades.”

Little sees this aspect of the AEO criteria as a particular validation of Evolution’s approach, “timely and meaningful communication with clients has always been a big focus, but you need the data and infrastructure to support it. That’s where our control centres in Germany and the US have really added value, and the procedures implemented there have allowed an easy transition to AEO compliance.”


About Graham Little

Little joined Evolution Time Critical in 2007, becoming managing director in March 2019 after stints as deputy managing director and head of business development. With 12 years’ experience he understands the nuances of the business and of the global automotive supply chain. In addition to growing Evolution’s European customer base, Little spearheaded considerable sales growth in North America and has delivered a number of vital, complex projects for customers as far afield as China and South Africa.


About Evolution Time Critical

Evolution Time Critical is a Metro Supply Chain Group company and is the world’s leading specialist in emergency logistics for the automotive industry. Analysts are available 24 hours a day, ready to develop and implement solutions in any part of the world within a 15-minute response window, calling on a vast range of techniques, skills and contacts to ensure that goods reach their destination on time.

The skills of Evolution’s team are also available for consulting projects, helping clients to achieve additional savings in their supply chains while also strengthening and improving manufacturing efficiency. Increasingly, Evolution has found that emergency logistics is playing an integral role in lean strategies as the automotive industry returns to higher production volumes, allowing further inventory reductions while maintaining the reliability of deliveries to manufacturing plants.

The expertise and techniques developed by Evolution for the automotive sector are also benefitting the aerospace and marine industries, where the company helps clients to release capital trapped in spare parts by facilitating urgent parts deliveries and return aircraft and ships to service more quickly.


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