Landmark delivery for UK-based AB Dynamics underlines its success in supplying cutting-edge automotive test systems for over 20 years

Gießen, Germany, 27th February 2019… In a major milestone for the UK-based manufacturer, AB Dynamics has delivered its 1,000th robot system to the American Center for Mobility (ACM) based in Michigan, USA – a national facility for connected and automated vehicle (CAV) research, testing, product development, validation and certification. The occasion was marked by a handover ceremony attended by key staff members from both companies.

ACM is based at the historic Willow Run aircraft manufacturing location, where Ford built the B-24 Liberator bomber during the second world war. On this site, Henry Ford signed off the 5,000th B-24 in 1944, so today’s milestone has strong historical echoes.

AB Dynamics has been supplying robots for more than twenty years, with some of the first steering robots supplied still in use today. Since then, the product range has broadened to include a variety of models designed for more complex testing within vehicle dynamics, durability testing and ADAS development along with some that exceed the requirements for tests such as the NHTSA Fishhook, FMVSS 126 / Reg13H sine-dwell and many other industry standards.

ACM has purchased a suite of test equipment from AB Dynamics including the Guided Soft Target platform and a driving robot system comprising the SR60 Torus steering robot and CBAR600 pedal robot. According to Jeff Rupp, Chief Technical Officer at ACM, the equipment will allow the company to deliver testing and research both for internal use and on behalf of its customers.

“We chose AB Dynamics’ products because of its strong reputation for supplying robust, reliable and easy to use equipment with the intention that it will make testing simpler and more efficient. Our customers identified the GST and driving robots as high-priority items, having successfully used AB Dynamics equipment elsewhere. We set out to offer cutting-edge facilities at ACM and so the package from AB Dynamics was a great fit,” said Rupp.

Officially opened in December 2017, ACM is building a wide range of test environments including a 2.5 mile high-speed loop, 1.5 mile urban arterial road, a 700′ tunnel and an urban canyon. The Center’s pillars of focus are testing, validation and education. The equipment purchased will be available to ACM customers for rental with track booking.

Jeremy Ash, Sales Director at AB Dynamics said: “The redevelopment of Willow Run and the work that is being done there will make a huge contribution to 21st century mobility. We are delighted to work with ACM and we love the historical resonance of our 1,000th robot system being used at Willow Run. Our ADAS platforms and driving robots have become the industry standard for research and testing of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV). We believe that there will be a major increase in CAV testing being done in controlled environments, to back up that which is done on public roads, and Willow Run will be a key center for this.”

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Notes for editor 

SR60 Torus – The SR60 Torus has a hollow centre which means that it can be installed without removing the airbag, while also being quieter and smoother than any geared robot. The Torus is protected by international patents.

CBAR600 – The CBAR600 is used in a wide range of applications and is the standard choice for AEB testing and other ADAS tests. It is the easiest way to add speed control to a vehicle dynamics test, it has a maximum brake force of 750N and is upgradeable for driverless testing.

GST – A self-propelled platform carrying a soft vehicle target (Soft Car 360) which is aerodynamically stable yet can separate into lightweight parts on impact, avoiding damage to the test vehicle. Uses Synchro and path following technology to enable precise choreography with the subject vehicle and is commonly used for ADAS development and testing.

About AB Dynamics

AB Dynamics is an automotive test system supplier with a diverse range of track and laboratory testing equipment. From Kinematics and Compliance machines and ADAS targets to state-of-the-art driving simulators, AB Dynamics supplies the 25 most successful car manufacturers in the world.

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AB Dynamics has delivered its 1,000th robot system to the American Center for Mobility.
The new robot equipment by AB Dynamics will allow the American Center for Mobility to deliver testing and research both for internal use and on behalf of its customers.
ACM’s suite of test equipment from AB Dynamics also includes the Guided Soft Target platform.
A special handover of the 1,000th robot system was attended by members of AB Dynamics and the American Center for Mobility. Left to right: Jeremy Ash, AB Dynamics’ Sales Director; Ralph Buckingham, Director – Connected / Autonomous Technologies Transportation Technologies; Phil DeBerry, Anger Associates Inc; Jim Rollison, Operations Manager, ACM; Jeff Rupp, Chief Technology Officer, ACM; Dennis Winslow, Proving Ground / Testing Manager; Sam Beckett, Engineer.
Jeff Rupp, Chief Technical Officer, American Center of Mobility (ACM), with the commemorative award that was presented by AB Dynamics’ Sales Director, Jeremy Ash, (right) to mark the occasion.