Part 2: Scrapyard investments; what next for the classic car market?

    Part 2: Supply and demand is an established dictator of worth, and thanks to 2009’s scrappage scheme, which led to the wanton destruction of ‘undesirable’ older cars, many of our once abundant vehicles are now reduced to single-figure survivors, and the banger-priced interesting classic has all but vanished. Values of cars from the 80s or before have risen across the board as fewer remain, and…Read more

The next generation have exciting used cars to look forward to – or do they?

The first car I bought was a red 1990 BMW E30 318is for £1800. It had done 170,000 miles, was a little scruffy round the edges and the sills had seen better days. Call it rose tinted glasses but I loved that car; retro 80s styling, perfect front-engine rear-wheel-drive layout and being utterly simplistic made it a joy to work on. When I bought the ‘is’…Read more

Part 1: Scrapyard investments; what next for the classic car market?

Part 1: My 1984 Ford Capri 2.8i goes away to undergo the beginnings of a restoration on September 22nd. Only a few years ago it would have been unthinkable for someone to spend real, hard-earned money ‘restoring’ a Capri; the car still tainted by the Dell Boy ‘pratmobile’ image and destined for scrapyard extinction. Now though, they’re one of the fastest appreciating vehicles on the…Read more

Do we need saving from ourselves?

At the end of last year, KTM CEO Stefan Pierer gave a wide-ranging interview to Cycle News covering a number of fascinating topics. The quote that stood out for me, however, was more alarming than intriguing: “If your Superbike is reaching 200 horsepower or more, it’s impossible to argue that it belongs on the street. It really doesn’t, anymore … As soon as the RC16 is available…Read more

The importance of marketing knowledge

I am currently studying for a CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing, a course all the PR team at Market Engineering complete. Some might ask why, as communications agency, we undertake a marketing course rather than PR training, the answer to this lies in the role of Public Relations in brand positioning. The automotive and motorsport industries have long been at the forefront of brand development…Read more

Do you buy the car or the badge – and does it matter?

Triggered by the arrival of the BMW 2-series GT and the ensuing debate over whether you can push a brand too far, you might wonder whether the badge on the bonnet (hood) has, for many people, become the most important criterion influencing the purchasing decision. While those of us who think we know about cars may indulge in arguments over whether an MPV can ever…Read more

Could Autonomous vehicles mean the end of the driving license?

Today’s autonomous vehicles provide driver assistance but still require constant supervision and potential intervention by a suitably qualified driver. They are a stepping stone to technology that could take over control of the vehicle permanently, perhaps not in this decade but in the future. Autonomous vehicles have been promoted initially on safety grounds as a means to eliminate human error but, looking ahead, they could…Read more

No Free Lunches: improving fuel efficiency comes at a cost

The fuel economy of modern cars is amazing. Decade by decade, manufacturers have developed increasingly frugal vehicles, while meeting stricter controls on emissions and despite the weight increase driven by higher levels of equipment. To the consumer it seems there is no downside to this progress: the cars are still fun to drive, with ample performance and good levels of refinement, so what’s the problem?…Read more

The Goodwood Revival: A legend at lunch

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to step back in time? To dress to impress, meet your childhood heroes, soak up the vintage aroma of classic cars and Castrol R, and sit back and revel in good old-fashioned motor racing. Now, I’m not suggesting I stepped into Doctor Who’s Tardis and woke up in 1945. No, I did something even more exciting.…Read more

Historic racing’s modern saviour?

As I made my daily commute through the twisty Cotswold lanes on the way to the office this morning, I was pondering the rise in recent years of historic racing. Race Tech has just launched a dedicated magazine named Historic Racing Technology, a number of top teams (such as Fortec Motorsport) are turning their expertise to classics and the Goodwood Revival, held last weekend, is…Read more