BMW RR S1000

Motorcycles: you won’t believe how small the gap between Road and Race has become

Something quite astonishing happened at this year’s TT races on the Isle of Man; a virtually standard production bike very nearly beat the lap record for outright racing machines from a standing start. It lapped at an average speed of over 133 mph, missing by a hair’s breadth the outright record which stood at 133.39 mph. Later in the week, the outright record was raised…Read more

Confessions of a petrolhead

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can ease its transition into decrepitude. OK, even with the knees of an (unhealthy) 75-year-old, I may be overstating my level of dilapidation, but in automotive terms I’ll admit to being a dinosaur; a fan of interesting old cars, modern design naysayer and techno-sceptic. However, the arrival of Charlton Jnr and subsequent purchase of a…Read more

Photography: a frustrating image of imperfection

A picture tells a thousand words, apparently. A bad picture tells many more, including ‘bland’, ‘amateur’ and ‘clueless’. This is the digital age: in 2016 media is consumed faster than beard wax and whichever frothily-topped, sweet-tinged latte is currently in vogue; snap judgements are made out of context; and striking images flash across social media like wildfire. Good photography has never carried such weight. Where…Read more

My first day

Hello there, my name is Sophie and I am the latest addition to the team at Market Engineering. I will keep this short and sweet, but I would like to share a bit about myself and my experience of my first day as an Account Executive. A perfect way to gain insight into a person is to learn about what interests and drives them in…Read more

Black Tesla Car

How Tesla introduced an ‘autonomous’ car way ahead of its competitors

We are told by vehicle manufacturers to expect fully autonomous vehicles no sooner than 2025. To be fair, there is a lot to sort out before they can be introduced: governments need to debate legislation surrounding such vehicles, insurance companies need to decide who pays out in a crash not involving a driver, not to mention ensuring the validity of the technology. Meanwhile, last year…Read more

Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Raising the roof: a personal view

Passing comment on a person’s choice of car carries significant risk. Unless they have been clever - and wealthy - enough to go for an absolute hero machine, your well-intentioned conversation-starter may not have the intended positive effect. I know this because unless I am fully focused when somebody reveals their daily drive, I often find myself asking that most heavily loaded of questions: “Why?”…Read more

Richard Gotch - MD

NAIAS – Differentiation is Power

The 2015 Geneva show was a wake-up for anyone hoping for a rebirth of the great American luxury brands. Strolling past the grey Cadillacs with their uninspiring interiors, my attention was drawn to a curvy, elegant new premium saloon that whispered luxury and style. So I crossed the aisle to the Hyundai stand to take a closer look. Fingers crossed, the Detroit show, opening today,…Read more

A scientific justification for one more mince pie

Have you, like me, made a new year’s resolution to exercise more, eat more healthily and lose some weight? There could be an easier solution. A few years ago, the railways eased themselves towards their target for running more trains on-time by redefining ‘on-time’. Could we redefine, say, 73 kg so it includes a few extra mince pies? The Kilogram is the only SI unit still…Read more

Automotive brand-defining events; coincidence or genius?

Capture the imagination, conjure enduring images then reap the benefits; it’s a marketeer’s dream. Strong associations have been formed between event and manufacturer ever since Henry Ford realised how much money could be made from selling motorcars, and that public aspiration was the key to success. There’s a chasm that separates quiet association and truly brand-defining characterisation, however, and such instances are few and far…Read more

Aston Martin to F1?

If you are a sports car manufacturer that wants to compete with Ferrari and Porsche, what do you need in terms of brand equity? Quality, Style, Heritage, Performance… Aston Martin certainly has three of the four. The quality, I am told, has improved significantly over the past 5 years and the cars are certainly stylish – helped in no small part by their association with…Read more