Standing out from the crowd

Differentiating your company from the many others at an exhibition isn’t just about purchasing stand A1 closest to the entrance and giving away some branded bags full of pens, USB sticks and posters. For a company to really stand out from the crowd, a lot of the work needs to be done before the doors even open. The key to high stand footfall is a…Read more

Automotive PR – At The Heart of Our Business

  The automotive industry is fearsomely competitive. Diverse global trends for consumer taste, stringent emissions legislation and heightened public safety perception inspire a fervently contested race to commercialise new technologies – offering a glimpse of incremental advancements on the way towards securing an invaluable competitive advantage. To help thrive in such a fast-moving industry, Automotive PR can play two crucial roles: To tell brand-defining stories.…Read more

Designed for Viral

If you work with social media, then generally most of your day consists of monitoring trends and topics of current interest. It is the fastest moving media outlet going; you never have a guarantee how long something will be trending for or if it will be beneficial to your business. Everyday there are new trends and new content, being shared on multiple platforms that you…Read more

APC 7 Launches £35M Funding for Automotive CO2 Reduction Projects

The headline numbers are substantial. Both the automotive industry and the British government are committed to £500 million funding each, to be provided over the next decade towards the development of low-carbon propulsion systems for on or off-road vehicles, supported by the UK's Advanced Propulsion Centre. As part of this, APC 7 is the latest round of funding for the automotive industry and partners. So…Read more

Nostalgia and Progress

  The news that the iconic Nokia 3310 is making a comeback has to be considered as the best of 2017 so far. Millions of phone owners around the UK lament their delicate and expensive smartphones, and reminisce the glory days of week-long battery lives with Navy Seal-levels of indestructability. The original 3310 went on sale an unbelievable 17 years ago, and I am fairly…Read more

Social Media Trends of 2017

There are many different ways in which to use social media. You can broadcast your every thought and idea out into the online world, you can use it to privately message family and friends; you may use it to keep tabs on your favorite celebrities and sports teams or to keep up to date with the latest news. Social media has no rules; you are…Read more

The Importance of Strategy

When I was at university I consistently came across the concept of strategy. At the time, being young and in a hurry, I thought it was a bloated word, an unnecessary word. Strategy, I thought, meant talk instead of action. You do not need a strategy; you just need to get on with it. It turns out I was wrong, horribly wrong - you need…Read more

Christopher Foster

Journalism can change the world, but it needs facts

From Cicero to Absolute Power, PR has long been described as a manipulator of truth – practitioners are masters of the silver tongue, concealers of the facts, but this caricature belongs to a time where professional journalists held the power and searched for the truth. Today things have changed and we are in the era of the amateur blogger and worse, the opinionated layman who…Read more

Reality is merely an illusion

Virtual Reality (VR) still seems like something you’d encounter in the depths of a science fiction novel, not readily accessible in your own living room. The development of virtual reality has grown exponentially since its initial conception in the 1980s, although attempts at creating the sense of visual transportation were practiced as early as the 19th century in the large panoramic paintings of landscapes and…Read more

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