Event invitations: effective communications lead to good media attendance

  Anthony Hornsby discusses how effective communication and the right incentives can lead to good attendance figures at media events As someone with a background in journalism myself, let me tell you, the profession can be hard. Not too long ago, local newspapers had teams of press, photographers, sub-editors and other office-based staff. These days one person is employed at publications to do the role…Read more


When I received my driving license at 17, I promised my young self that I would never buy a car that had front wheel drive, a diesel engine or an automatic transmission. In my eyes, a true petrolhead would never do such a terrible thing, or at least that is what all the automotive journalists were telling me at the time. I lived by this…Read more

A train of thought

  “Let the train take the strain”. Remember that decidedly iffy slogan? I do. In fact I’m reminded of it as I sit on the train and my blood pressure begins to feel the strain. I’ve a 4-hour journey and the train is running 4 minutes late within the first 40. This makes me uneasy. I like to be punctual. The reason for finding myself…Read more

New technology? Get the world talking about it with video

Here at Market Engineering we are exposed to new, exciting, evolutionary and revolutionary technologies on a weekly basis. Our clients are amongst the most industrious, proven innovators with technologies adopted across the globe. They invest time, money and effort into these ideas before presenting them to us to share with the world, often through the humble communications staple: the press release. Usually a few hundred…Read more

A note to GKN: effective communications releases value

  On the home page of one of the world’s largest communications agencies, the headline promises ‘we create value’. That may be true, but I’d argue that for most companies, the biggest boost to business value comes not from what effective communications can create, but from the ability of visionary communicators to release unrecognised value that already exists. Communications creates value by increasing demand and…Read more

Comms Strategy – Successfully increasing (transfer) market value

  I recently noticed a communications strategy by a Sports PR agency which has resulted in one of its clients, a professional footballer, rocketing in transfer market value from £3 million to over £30 million. By continuously putting him in the shop window via several opportunities at times when key decision makers will be ready to take up the calls to action, the agency is…Read more

Know enough to recognise a bluff

  I was recently speaking to a ‘specialist’ regarding some work required on my old Range Rover. Land Rover owners will be familiar with this feeling. I was told that the work required would be “hugely expensive” as “we have to lift the body off”. Alarm bells were ringing. Not because of the potential bill, but because the L322 doesn’t have a separate chassis from…Read more


When I was growing up, the ‘Max Power’ scene was just starting to die out. When I came to buy my first car (a 1989 BMW E30 318is) there was an abundance of modified cars for sale, largely Corsas, Saxos and Fiestas, at an incredibly cheap price. And for good reason. Supply and demand is always at work and no self-respecting person wants a 15…Read more

Shining a light on the Brexit soundbites; an auto industry perspective

  So we will soon be free of Brussels red tape, able to make our own decisions and in control of our borders. Instead of buying stuff from overseas, we can make it here. Made by Brits for Brits. It sounds good, in simple soundbites. But when we lift the lid of Pandora’s Brexit Box, what do we see? I was recently asked to represent…Read more

ADAS on two wheels

The reality Each year on UK roads, around 320 motorcyclists are killed. This number has been relatively stable since 2010. Motorcyclists account for less than 1% of the traffic on UK roads but consistently account for around 20% of the fatalities each year. This over-representation is the result of motorcyclists being roughly 57 times more likely to die than car occupants per mile travelled. Considered…Read more