‘2D or Not 2D’ seminar reveals graphene promise is ready to be delivered, transforming many areas of technology as engineers learn how to design with the new material

A material first isolated using sticky tape could transform the capabilities of everything from aircraft and electric cars to wind turbines and fire protection 200 times stronger than steel, flexible, tough, transparent and a superconductor Top specialists meet to discuss likely impact of first 2D material A material discovered using sticky tape to pull flakes... Read more

New R&D Facility Helps Combat Challenges Arising From Increasing Exhaust Temperatures

Comprehensive rig test data will help develop new solutions and identify the optimum thermal barrier choice for individual customer requirements Abingdon, UK, 7th February 2018… Heat management specialist Zircotec Group has created an R&D facility to accelerate the development of new thermal coatings, heat shields and manufacturing processes. Under the leadership of Dr Paul Prince,... Read more

Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers Facing Significant Thermal Management Issues

Research and development programmes are underway to help vehicle manufacturers keep exhausts hotter on the inside and cooler on the outside Abingdon, UK, 25th January 2018… Heat management specialist, Zircotec, is conducting research and development programs into helping commercial vehicle (CV) manufacturers deal with a uniquely difficult combination of exhaust system challenges. Internal exhaust temperatures... Read more

Zircotec Group launches new performance enhancing coatings at Autosport International 2018

External cylinder head and engine block coating – reduces under-bonnet temperatures while providing aesthetic and customisable finish Internal cylinder head coatings – to further reduce under-bonnet temperatures and contain heat within the combustion chamber and exhaust system Piston crown and valve base coatings – prevents damage by reducing surface temperatures and improves engine thermal efficiency... Read more

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