Market Engineering was created by Richard Gotch, a graduate engineer who retrained in marketing strategy after experiencing the impact of first-rate communications in the IT industry. Although the company has worked with many of the world’s leading vehicle brands, it is for its work with technology suppliers of all sizes for which it has developed an international reputation. Market Engineering was acquired by Newspress Creative in April 2019.

Twenty-Five Years of Expertise

Market Engineering’s list of clients reads like a who’s who of technology innovators in the automotive industry, ranging from multi-billion-pound Tier 1 suppliers, to household-name vehicle safety innovators, specialist IP development companies and prestigious vehicle manufacturers.

We work with clients throughout Europe and the US, operate a specialist European network, and are proud to have evolved many long-term relationships with some of the world’s most highly regarded companies.

Automotive PR – At The Heart of Our Business

The automotive industry is fearsomely competitive. Diverse global trends for consumer taste, stringent emissions legislation and heightened public safety perception inspire a fervently contested race to commercialise new technologies – offering a glimpse of incremental advancements on the way towards securing an invaluable competitive advantage. To help thrive in such a fast-moving industry, Automotive PR can play two crucial roles:

  • To tell brand-defining stories.
  • To offer brand protection.

A powerful automotive PR strategy should communicate a brand’s ethos through compelling stories. Establishing, or developing, key messages and points of differentiation are paramount to attaining important coverage with key titles, ensuring an empathetic view of the subject and an in-depth understanding of the component, technology or desired marketing focus. Automotive PR is an outlet for communicating the right messages to the best people using the most impactful method.

Content creation that provides editors with relevant, clear information helps develop trusted relationships and enables tighter control over future narrative: providing a backstory that adds weight to the present and increases future significance. Communicating a client’s story as part of a strategic automotive PR campaign can influence correct market positioning and ensure that the consequence of news is correctly understood by media outlets, readers and key decision makers. Aspirational automotive PR can demonstrate the significance of innovation without simply stating it.

Automotive PR is a key enabler for establishing brand positioning and a distinct technology/product understanding, but its role as brand protector is equally important. Reputational damage can cost vehicle manufacturers millions – in the age of social media bad news can spread in minutes and the memories etch an indelible stain on a brand’s credibility – so the value of crisis management expertise that safeguards reputations and helps inspire brand loyalty, has never been higher. From establishing brand values and achieving desired market positioning, to nurturing the ability to act as thought-leaders to all stakeholders and protecting a hard-earned reputation, effective automotive PR is an invaluable tool.