Hello there, my name is Sophie and I am the latest addition to the team at Market Engineering. I will keep this short and sweet, but I would like to share a bit about myself and my experience of my first day as an Account Executive. A perfect way to gain insight into a person is to learn about what interests and drives them in their spare time, I have a keen interest in all things ancient and archaeological as well as a curiosity for automotive, from watching races to general mechanical tinkering, I also enjoy Ice Skating and occasionally dabbling in Ice Hockey.

As a recent graduate this job is something of a dream come true, I have grown up around airlines and pilots and never thought I would be able to incorporate my curiosity for Communications with a lifelong interest. Market Engineering has offered me the opportunity to explore both by working closely with its long-time client Vulcan to the Sky Trust.

My first day at Market Engineering was a good one, attending the unveiling of Vulcan to the Sky’s latest restoration project the Canberra (WK163) bomber. This was exciting and surreal all at once as not only was I now working alongside aircraft enthusiasts but the specific aircraft I would be promoting was named after the capital city of my home country, Australia. As this unveiling was paramount to the continuation of this project to say I was nervous for my first day would be an understatement. It did however prove to be an invaluable experience as during the course of the event I was able to meet and interact with a variety of journalists and photographers from popular media outlets, as well as being educated on the rich history of the Canberra aircraft. During the event I was able to get stuck in, from greeting journalists to deciding when and how the aircraft should be displayed; for someone who literally started that day it felt like a lot of responsibility.

By the end of the day I started to feel a greater appreciation for my last 3 years of university, working was nothing like what I had been told to expect. While I was ready to get off my feet, I couldn’t stop myself from feeling a rush of satisfaction that something I did was actually significant. It had been a very rewarding experience that I can now reflect upon through the next few weeks to understand what it means to be involved in the world of communications and perhaps a few perks that come with it.