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Market Engineering is Europe’s leading communications agency for automotive technology businesses. From compelling explanations of new technologies to insightful thought leadership and pragmatic corporate communications, we provide the complete package.

With approaching 30 clients from fast-growing innovation businesses to giant global corporations, Market Engineering is the most experienced and widely capable agency in our sector. Our strategy focusses on joined-up communications across all channels, with a focus on outstanding press relations, using classical marketing expertise and industry insight to add value through carefully thought-out messaging, positioning and response. The result is client relationships that now exceed two decades.



Account Director

We are looking for an extra Account Director to join our team. You will work with many of the most senior engineers and business leaders responsible for developing the future of automotive technology, from high performance powertrains to active safety. By working across many different areas, you’ll build-up a great understanding of how the automotive industry works, from advanced R&D to vehicle launch, across a vast range of technologies. If you love cars and want to see the future unfolding now, this is the job for you – send your CV with a covering letter to or give Christopher a call on 01295 277 050 to discuss.


Technical Account Handler

Are you technically minded with an interest in following a product’s journey from engineering concept to commercial reality? As the leading communications agency for the automotive technology sector we are looking for a motivated, intelligent individual to join our team and help deliver high quality communications for our specialist clients. You don’t need to have an engineering degree (although this would be a benefit) or experience in communications. Aptitude and attitude are more important than qualifications. This is a technical role, so it will reward someone with a real enthusiasm for innovative technology and a desire to learn the intricacies of the automotive industry. If you think you could offer something to the role please send your CV with a covering letter to or give Christopher a call on 01295 277 050 to discuss.


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